AI is NOT a Buzzword! with Kristin Kautz, CPSM from Jam Idea Agency

by | Apr 25, 2024

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00:00 – Introduction

  • Host Ty Garmon introduces the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its relevance both within and beyond the field of stormwater. Ty discusses the pervasive impact of AI and introduces the guest, Kristen Kautz.

05:15 – Kristen Kautz on AI’s Integration and Impact

  • Quote: “AI has been around since the 1950s… People have already been interacting with it and using the technology, even if they didn’t know they were using the technology.” – Kristen Kautz

3:05 – Discussion on AI Development and Generative AI

  • Quote: “When they launched this platform called ChatGPT… it just fit into the way that I already look at tech. We’re techno-optimists.” – Kristen Kautz

5:00 – AI in the Workplace and Misconceptions

  • Quote: “It’s not just a search engine, but people who get it, and we’re starting to get that kind of those networks around us.” – Kristen Kautz

8:53 – Future of AI and Ethical Considerations

  • Quote: “We may be getting all over the place here, but people ask me too, like when they generate something from chat GPT or any AI model, what are the chances that you and I will get the same answer? It’s almost infinitesimally non-existent that will happen because of the way how AI dissolves and rebuilds.” – Kristen Kautz

11:57 – AI and Job Automation

  • Kristen elaborates on how AI can aid in reducing workload and freeing up human resources for more critical tasks.

12:27 – Practical Applications of AI

  • Kristen talks about the multimodal capabilities of AI platforms and how they can handle tasks like reading images and automating responses.

50:25 – Closing Remarks

  • Ty and Kristen conclude the discussion by emphasizing the significance of embracing AI technology to enhance operational efficiency and innovation in various sectors.

53:11 – End of Podcast

This episode explores the nuances of AI and its transformative impact on industries, emphasizing its longstanding presence and evolving capabilities. The quotes chosen illustrate Kristen Kautz’s insights on the integration and potential of AI in modern practices.

The views expressed are that of the individual and do not represent the opinions of any companies past, present or future.

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