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Client Testimonials

We aim to ensure that we are always in line with your company’s vision.  In order to accomplish this, we are selective in the companies and products that we promote.  

PaveDrain Logo

"The content and professionalism..."

“The Digital Stormwater Team interviewed three members of our company to get a feel for what we were looking for in regards to our digital presence. It was a 90 minute conversation that got us off to a great start and has continued for 2+ years.

The content and professionalism has been appreciated and admired by our manufacturing and distribution partners across the country.”

– Doug Buch, Founder | PaveDrain, LLC

AquaShield Logo

"We have worked with other social media management companies..."

“We have worked with other social media management companies before Digital Stormwater. However, the reoccurring issue was these companies were not from our industry, so it was a constant struggle to provide them content with the keywords, jargon, and acronyms for the stormwater industry. Digital Stormwater solved this problem because no learning curve was necessary and, they hit the ground running taking over our social channels. It has been a great strategic partnership with them on our team.”

– Eric Rominger, Vice-President | AquaShield a Komline Company

BMP, Inc. Logo

"Digital Stormwater's expert knowledge of the stormwater industry is an extra bonus."

“Digital Stormwater has truly ramped up our social media game to the next level.  They try new strategies and platforms until we get the growth results we need.  Their expert knowledge of the stormwater field is an extra bonus, and they are a good sounding boarding for marketing ideas and will disagree with the boss if they believe the ROI is not there.  We’re glad they are a part of our team!”

TJ Mullen, President | Best Management Products, Inc.

Stormwater Professionals Group Logo

"Digital Stormwater has also been instrumental in furthering our LinkedIn presence."

“We’ve been working with Digital Stormwater for a couple of years now.  Prior to Digital Stormwater taking over our marketing, a Google search related to our core business didn’t even get us on the first page.  After Digital Stormwater worked their magic we are now not only on the first page, but we are already number 2 on the list.  We wanted an organic approach based on good, solid content.  This is the kind of service Digital Stormwater provides.  Their guidance has been invaluable in helping us to understand (through metrics) what potential customers are interested in and what they aren’t, allowing for a more focused marketing approach. Digital Stormwater has also been instrumental in furthering our LinkedIn presence.  It’s comforting as a business owner to know that they have our digital marketing and social campaigns covered. “

Mark Wharton, President | Stormwater Professionals Group

Stormwater Professionals Group Logo

“Shout out to Digital Stormwater, you guys do a great job with SEO, managing multimedia, all our social platforms. It’s been great success..”

Eric Rominger, Vice President| AquaShield Inc.

Envirolok - Digital Stormwater

“Having them on board, knowing that we can just send them a picture, give them an idea for graphic, and it’s done, it’s ready to go—that’s a great feeling, and it’s moved us so far ahead.”

Eric Seidl, Sales Manager | Enivirolok, LLC

Stormwater Professionals Group Logo

“We have seen dramatic increase in our traffic especially over the phone people just calling in. Most of our businesses is were out there looking for it but because of their digital marketing they’ve been doing we’ve got so many phone calls coming in. It’s been great we love working with them. “

Mark Wharton, President| Stormwater Professionals Group

BMP, Inc. Logo

“I highly recommend Digital Storm Water LLC. Ty and Marela are hardworking and they’ll work with you to find whatever solution to a social media marketing digital platform that you need.”

TJ Mullen, President | Best Management Products, Inc.

Acorn EnviroComply

“They were able to find me, my analytics for my website shot through the roof; it has been a Godsend.. “

Amesha Moris, Owner| Acorn EnviroComply

Pave Drain

“Never had a question or doubt that being with Ty and Digital Stormwater has been one of the better business decisions I have made while owning and running Pave Drain.

Doug Buch, Founder | Pave Drain, LLC

NPDES Training Institute

“I have Ty help me with my business and he understand stormwater and how business works. He gives me the knowledge I need to have to be able to reach out effectively to people so that I can make the biggest difference I can make with my company”

Luke Owen, PG MS4CECI MS4GIT, Owner| NPDES Training Institute

Rymar Waterworks

“One of the sales reps in Ohio said this is the busiest our booth has ever been and we want to thank you for that because we did a lot of free promoting, contetsts and we had a huge response to our booth. It was the best show we’ve ever had in the last two years so we want to thank you for that so kudos to Digital Stormwater. “

Lynn Ramsey, Sales Director | Rymar Waterworks