Extreme Weather! with Andy Erickson, PhD, PE from St. Anthony Falls Laboratory

by | May 21, 2024

Stormwater World Episode 024: Andy Erickson, PhD, P.E. is the Research Manager at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota, Chair – ASTM Committee E64 on Stormwater Control Measures; Chair – University of Minnesota Water Council.

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00:00-01:01 –  Introduction

  • Host Ty Garmon introduces the topic of extreme weather events and their impact on stormwater infrastructure, highlighting the frequent occurrences and aging infrastructure across the country.

01:01-03:22 – Guest Introduction

  • Introduction of Dr. Andy Erickson, his credentials, background in stormwater research, and his contributions to stormwater management literature and community education.

03:22-05:35 – Discussion on Extreme Weather Events and Infrastructure

  • Dr. Erickson discusses the increase in extreme weather events and the challenges it presents to existing stormwater infrastructure.
  • Quotes:
    • “Extreme weather events are a big challenge and everybody sees it. It’s in the news. It doesn’t matter where you live.” – Dr. Andy Erickson
    • “Our infrastructure is aging and wearing out and we have to replace it, it’s undersized for what we see today.” – Dr. Andy Erickson

05:35-07:49 – Technological Advancements in Stormwater Management

  • Discussion on advancements in stormwater management technology and smart systems.
  • Quotes:
    • “Smart systems…can do this through algorithms and through automated ways… It all is actuated remotely in the cloud.” – Ty Garmon

07:49-09:45 – Statistical Insights and Future Projections

  • Dr. Erickson shares statistical insights on the increasing frequency and intensity of rain events and the need for updated infrastructure designs to accommodate these changes.

09:45-12:12 – Adaptation Strategies for Existing Infrastructure

  • Strategies for adapting existing stormwater infrastructure to cope with increased rainfall and extreme events, including the use of smart systems for better management.

12:12-14:33 – In-depth Technical Discussion

  • Detailed discussion on specific technologies and methods for enhancing stormwater management, including smart ponds and green infrastructure.

14:33-16:55 – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

  • Ty Garmon wraps up the discussion, highlighting the key points discussed and the importance of adapting stormwater management practices to meet future challenges.
  • Quote:
    • “We’re basically saving the world from extreme weather today.” – Ty Garmon

This episode explores the increasing challenges posed by extreme weather events on aging and undersized stormwater infrastructure. Dr. Erickson, an expert in stormwater research from the University of Minnesota, explores the impact of frequent extreme precipitation events and the technological advancements in stormwater management, such as smart systems and green infrastructure. Throughout the episode, he shares insights on the necessity for updated design standards and adaptive strategies to better manage stormwater in the face of changing climate patterns, emphasizing the integration of new technologies and the reevaluation of existing systems to enhance resilience and efficiency.

The views expressed are that of the individual and do not represent the opinions of any companies past, present or future.

Links Andy mentioned during the Pod:

“Climate Change Adaptation ofUrban Stormwater Infrastructure.” MnDOT Report no. MN 2023-21. https://www.cts.umn.edu/research/project/climate-change-adaptation-of-urban-stormwater-infrastructure



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