Deep Infiltration Systems with Alex Bennet From Torrent Resources

by | Jun 20, 2024

Stormwater World Episode 026: Deep Infiltration Systems with Alex Bennett, Technical Marketing Engineer at Torrent Resources

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Key Points Discussed
[00:00:00] Introduction

  • Host Ty Garmon welcomes Alex Bennett from Torrent Resources.
  • Overview of the topic: deep infiltration systems and dry wells.

[00:01:00] About Alex Bennett

  • Alex’s background in stormwater compliance and water quality.
  • Educational background: Master’s degree in Environmental Science from UC Santa Barbara.

[00:02:00] Basics of Deep Infiltration

  • Alex explains deep infiltration and its benefits.
  • “A lot of folks, even in places where dry wells are used commonly, aren’t familiar with them.”

[00:03:00] Infiltration Systems Overview

  • Comparison between surface level and deep infiltration systems.
  • Importance of treating stormwater to match pre-development drainage patterns.

[00:04:00] Designing Dry Wells

  • Alex describes the design and sizing of dry wells.
  • “We’re basically taking the same zone of infiltration you would see with a surface level basin, and locating it vertically within the soil column.”

[00:06:00] Soil Considerations

  • Role of geotechnical reports in designing dry wells.
  • “The geotech is your friend.”

[00:08:00] Infiltration Depth

  • Factors influencing the depth of dry wells.
  • Minimum and maximum depths based on soil and groundwater conditions.

[00:12:00] Installation and Performance

  • Typical dry well installation process and dimensions.
  • “We see really favorable infiltration rates due to the combination of hitting varying soil layers and having a significant column of water.”

[00:15:00] Site Constraints and Benefits

  • Advantages of dry wells in constrained spaces.
  • “Dry wells can fit into a site and a stormwater treatment train really easily.”

[00:17:00] Maintenance

  • Maintenance requirements for dry wells.
  • “Maintenance is just done via standard VAC truck… it’s really easy.”

[00:22:00] Cost Effectiveness

  • Cost comparison of dry wells versus other BMPs.
  • “If we have good infiltration rates, dry wells are more cost-effective.”

[00:25:00] Regulatory Considerations

  • Regulatory challenges and successes in approving dry wells.
  • “The next step is statewide guidance on how to size these dry wells.”

[00:28:00] Combining BMPs

  • Integration of dry wells with other BMPs.
  • “A very common layout is pretreatment BMP leading into a big detention tank, leading into one to three dry wells.”

[00:32:00] Design Tools

  • Torrent Resources’ design tool for dry wells.
  • “We have a great online tool to get a quick unit count.”

[00:36:00] Final Thoughts

  • Importance of working with geotechnical engineers.
  • “There’s no one size fits all approach for infiltration or stormwater treatment.”


Ty Garmon: “It’s interesting, you can go vertical instead of horizontal. That’s really interesting.”

Alex Bennett: “Infiltration of stormwater, once you’re getting it into the soil system, there is a significant amount of absorption, adsorption, natural treatment of the standard suite of stormwater pollutants.”

In this episode of the Stormwater World Podcast, host Ty Garmon discusses deep infiltration systems with Alex Bennett from Torrent Resources. They explore the design and benefits of dry wells, which are vertical stormwater infiltration systems that maximize space efficiency and improve stormwater management. Alex highlights the importance of soil conditions and geotechnical reports in designing effective systems, and explains how dry wells can be integrated with other Best Management Practices (BMPs). The conversation also covers maintenance requirements, cost considerations, and regulatory challenges, providing a comprehensive overview of deep infiltration as a stormwater solution.

The views expressed are that of the individual and do not represent the opinions of any companies past, present or future.

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